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Vehicle Storage

Morgan Whaley Restorations Ltd. insists on high company standards. When a vehicle is presented to us it is important that it’s in a clean condition to prevent corrosion and to see the bodywork and interior for any damage.

For this reason Morgan Whaley Restorations Ltd. puts all classic cars and vehicles through a thorough cleaning cycle, paying particular attention to wheel arches and hidden dirt traps under the body. Before entering storage and after cleaning, vehicles are dried and polished before being fitted with a breathable cover to keep it in “entered” condition.

Breathable covers are available for hired at the rate of £1.75 per week.

Battery conditioner/chargers are also available for rental at the rate of £1.75 per week.

Secure storage suitable for all clients
  • Overseas residents
  • Airport collection, drop off
    or pick up
  • All types of Vehicle collector running out of space
  • Extended house move
  • Temporary storage for house extensions or whilst a garage
    is built
  • Extended holidays
  • Short/long term trade storage for customers who can’t pick up their new purchases for a while
  • Motorcycles, karts, quads
  • Small boat storage
  • We offer collection and delivery of your vehicles, if you would rather us not add too much mileage we also have trailers for transportation.
  • For small boats, in addition to storage, we offer collection and delivery for winter storage all around the south coast


Service Basic Premium
Dry, ventilated secure storage  
Monthly fluid level check
Monthly tyre pressure check
Permanently connected battery charger/conditioner  
Engine run to full operating temperature and driven for 10-15 miles  
Email report to client  
Weekly charge £25 £35

We will provide
  • Photograph your classic car or other vehicle
  • Agree the body condition and note any blemishes
  • Check fluid levels
  • Check tyre pressures
  • Check and note any fluid leaks
  • Thoroughly clean and dry the classic car or other vehicle and polish

Contact us on 01903 856984 to discuss your requirements

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